Hi! I’m Danielle – I’m a small-town designer, photographer and brand maker with a big vision.


Hi everyone! I’m a small-city girl who has grown up with a big heart for adventure and the belief that your dream (whether that is a business, trip or project) is possible. Growing up in a creative family, I have been fortunate to have had many opportunities to explore my skills and nurture many creative areas including graphic design, photography as well as business. I’ve always been taught to believe that goal-setting is huge, and this has nurtured my ability to take bold actions in my life, travel pursuits and business.

I’ve been designing brands for 5 years and in less than three months I will soon be holding my Graphic Design diploma. More recently, I’ve developed a love for web design and am offering spots web and branding packages in May to ambitious business’ ready to make an impact. 

I am a published author, lover of olives, yoga, horseback riding as well as the art and design community. I also hold a position on the board of directors for the Sudbury Design Society which has been a wonderful opportunity,

Prior to Graphic Design, I have taken courses in business and art at Western University. I have also had the amazing experience of travelling overseas to South East Asia to pursue photography and teach English as a second language. Since then, I’ve designed for many local brands and businesses. 

I started a project called Juggling Across Canada, a photography project initiated by my boyfriend and have also published a local book, Messy Minds

I absolutely love new challenges, travel, spending time with my family and loved ones, personal growth, reading, writing, photography, interior design, well-designed brands, hiking, and business, marketing + positivity.

And of course, I love helping ambitious business owners receive the recognition they deserve through thoughtful and high-quality design. I also love to inspire + help people of all ages to reach their dreams. The more I design for amazing people and their dream (their business), the more I believe in the role that branding takes – there’s truly nothing more rewarding to me than seeing my client beam when they see their vision come to life. This brings a new level of confidence, self-realization and assurance and I am here every step of the way throughout our process!

I am just as excited to help you + your business grow as I am to also learn + grow as we succeed together.

Let's chat! You can reach me at danielle@daniellep.com