About Me


I am a crafter of pictures and words. Roamer of the world and lover of unexpected connections. I crave moments that cannot be put in words. I find joy in dancing late at night and looking at the stars. I am also an artist, a writer and an adventurer.

Danielle is a passionate graphic designer who loves to photograph, drink coffee, travel and blend images, colour and typography together to create beautiful minimalist designs that influence her client work. She is currently in her third year of Graphic Design at Cambrian College in Sudbury, ON.

She has worked with many freelance clients and has executed many design and photography-related projects from start to finish, on the side, and as well as at the Cambrian College Teaching & Learning Innovation Hub, where she currently works part-time.

As well, since the age of 5 she has had a camera in her hands and strives to use photography not only in her graphic design work, but to create amazing portraiture and product images for her clients.

Some of her clients have included the Balance ethical clothing line, as well as startups and local entrepreneurs in Sudbury, ON and around. She is passionate especially about helping local entrepreneurs and believes that branding can seriously alter the way a business is not only perceived, but the value clients place on it. Danielle puts thoughtful insight, process and attention to your needs and wants in every interaction and step of the design process. She is also committed to honest, ethical and beautifully unique designs.

If you are interested in collaborating or hiring me for a project, do not hesitate to chat with by emailing me at danielle@daniellep.comĀ