My amazing meditation experience (and what it has to do with Fruit Gushers)!


This morning I meditated to a beautiful podcast meditation by a woman named Sarah Blondin. You can listen to her for free on Insight Timer – a wonderful free guided meditation app (with over thousands to choose from!).

As I sank into the meditation and let her calming words and loving voice deepen into me, I felt an odd sensation in my hands. They felt numb. I had no bones, I had no skin, it simply felt like I had balloons as hands.

What was this? I thought in the back of my mind. The air within these balloons could only be my expanded energy field.

I felt this sensation expand into my chest and then into my mind. I later joked on with my boyfriend that my head felt like one of those heads from the early 2000s Fruit Gushers commercials. (But seriously!)

2000s Fruit Gushers Commercial. I seriously felt like this was the size of my head!

My hands and body were expanding even more and erasing the space between my self; my soul and everything else in the world.

It was so uncomfortable to have my body melt into the world around me –– I truly have only experienced this two, maybe three other times in my life.

In this moment, as my physical body dissipated – I felt a deep sense of peace and oneness with everything in the space around me. Even my thoughts dissipated. No boundaries, just oneness, it was truly amazing.

This is the perfect soundtrack to how I felt and what could’ve been playing while I meditated.

I have been thinking more and more lately about meditation and its power over us. When I take a moment in the morning to include a quick meditation it completely resets my mind like a recharged cellphone for the day. I’m able to close the gap between negative emotions and emotionally charged thoughts and my reaction to them. We are not our thoughts or feelings, we are much purer, deeper, and aware beings.

Only if we tap in, that is.

I texted my best friend Tianah and she told me that while she had had the same physical sensation and experience while experiencing Ayahuasca at a retreat in Costa Rica. Wow.

I read a quote the other day that said, “Most people mistake meditation as a pill to enlightenment. That’s the complete opposite of what it is. It is about the relationship with yourself.” I believe meditation can be utterly boring, ruthlessly so boring and that’s the whole point. But here and there, your mind delights you with the secrets to the universe and ot’s absolutely incredible what results can happen if you stick to this routine.


In my first year of college, back in 2016, I went on a meditation binge. I was living alone for the first time (with my parents being away for the winter) and I thought it was the best time to focus on myself and my own potential. I completed 3 weeks of Wim Hof’s 10-week cold immersion program and included transcendental meditation. I experienced seeing colours (or chakras) behind my eyes like bright fireworks and other amazing physical sensations. This disconnect (yet connect) was the most clear and aware I had felt in my whole life (except from childhood).

Tuning in can make a huge change in our lives. It changes our relationship to others, the world and most importantly, to ourselves. Even taking 2-5 minutes a day can make the world of a difference.

What hesitations do you have about meditation? What kind of meditation are you interested in? Would you be interested in hearing more about my thoughts on it? Send me a comment below or a message at ✨

Much love,

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