Photo Adventure | Unicycling and railroad hopping + photo tips


I had a super lovely afternoon today. Chris and I stopped by Salute for a date and afterwards we decided to make the best of what is still left of summer by going for a walk and casual photoshoot on the railroad tracks.

I had so much fun relaxing and photographing Chris while he unicycled and we hang out in this urban scene in front of our apartment.

We had a blast and catching the sun dropping certainly made the end of a great weekend. It’s so important for me to let go after a long week and be creative in a pressure-free space!

Here’s a couple tips I would love to share with you from today’s photoshoot. Be sure to keep these in mind when checking out the images below!

  1. Leading lines.

    Observe how lines in images create a sense of direction and/or movement. You will see this often in the images with stairs, hallways, road, etc., You can also see them in movies. It’s very important to utilize these lines to tell the story you want to create within an image.
  2. Lighting

    Sometimes I shoot intuitively by using 100% lighting that I know will work great. For example, if I want to photograph a nice well-lit and well-toned headshot – I will grab a picture of someone in a shaded area and really focus on getting a nice expression as part of the main impact of the image.

    Sometimes I shoot counter-intuitively. For example, if I want to photograph a beautiful shot of the sun rays poking through an object or around/past someone’s head – I will actually place them in front of the sun. Great lighting is a matter of placement but also a matter of utilizing your settings for the best and desired outcome.
  3. Make it a ‘crapshoot’ and have fun.

    I try to make my photoshoots with friends and loved ones as pressure-free as possible. Ironically enough this gets me the best results. My Dad has always called these photoshoots – where you explore organically and capture authentic moments, ‘crapshoots’. I like the term!

    I really try not to be too hard on myself when going through these photoshoots. If you let loose and have fun with it you will 100% have a blast and get the best results.

    Check out some of the results below!

Using the sun ray as a form of beautiful backlighting!

Actually, this image was blown out. One of my ‘secret’ tips is to turn a ‘bad’ image into B&W. Voila!

Remember this? I used a well-shaded area to capture beautiful tones on his face, and of course a beautiful expression!

I am so happy with how this one turned out –– I purposely used the sun as a backlight and it took a while to line up the sun just where I wanted it!

Leading lines!

A classic silhouette.

He wasn’t too tired for some tricks at the end, so of course I had to grab some shots 😉

Interested in seeing a bit more? I made my first YouTube video about the adventure and some of my process.

My recap of the day and (slightly dorky) overlay of the story. Enjoy! 🙂

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