Do it with passion or not at all

I’ll be honest, I almost completely stayed in bed this morning. I told myself, get up, or don’t do this at all, you won’t regret it. 

I went and grabbed a coffee at Kuppajo and walked to the school of Architecture for a school project.

Here’s a photo of me, completely disheveled but happy walking there in the brisk morning air.

Honesty hour: I wasn’t a big fan of shooting HDR because I thought that the same look could be achieved without the time-consuming photo stitching that it takes post-processing.

Here’s the thing, I knew I should’ve been a fan. I should’ve been over the moon to shoot HDR. I’ve come to realize it’s such a beautiful way to bring out the full dynamic range in a photograph, and highlight details in a way no other way possible.

Here’s a quick story to highlight why I should’ve been a fan of what I thought was a nitty gritty post-processing technique. I first started photographing night photography at the Ten nightclub and lounge and I absolutely hated it at first.

I despised figuring out low-light settings, trying to understand ambient lighting and how that meshed with using a flash.

I didn’t like working with drunk people and all of the loud noise. It was a boisterous and confusing experience for a long time.

But here’s the key word: it didn’t last forever. And over time, the photos I produced were great. And that challenging atmosphere combined with the technical challenges of using my flash in low-light situations forced me to understand so many other key elements of photography. It’s the reason I can do what I do now.

So here’s what I’ve learnt: when learning something new, do everythingevery aspect with passion. Because every part of it will build you up to the artist you’re ultimately to become.


Here are the HDR photos I ended up taking (I took one nature photo, one with an object, and one interior architecture photo).

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  1. You inspire me to get back to trying to learn about the crazy amount of settings I can achieve with my camera. Mine is a Nikon D5500. So many details to know about light and speed. I wish I just “knew” but alas, I don’t… hardly at all.
    So thanks for the encouragement, even though it was not your goal to get your BBF’s mom to get crackin’ lol

    You are not only a great photographer, you’re also a great writer!!

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