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Danielle Provencher is a
designer working to help
others kick-ass in business
& life

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I'm a multi-passionate designer who turns businesses into brands that thrive.

I also strive to help people believe in their personal voice. I create brands based on you and/or your company's truest values, and authentic personality. I believe the best experience we can offer clients is one that connects with them as well as one that is truest to our deepest beliefs.

Beyond this, I want to make the world a brighter place with bold, thoughtful and inspiring art, photography. I am currently publishing my second book.

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Who the heck am I?

Artist at heart, designer + photographer by day (and night!). My 'why' is very simple: I aspire to help business owners and companies turn into brands that help them kick-ass in life. I believe we can apply down-to-earth real good branding to help reach our business goals. I also believe in stepping beyond the logo to BECOME your brand by using your authentic voice. This creates impact and helps you connect with your audience. This is one way why I strive to empower my clients to reach their business goals.

I also love travel, all things personal growth (e.g. goal setting!) and being a part of multiple creative communities (in my hometown and online).

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My Services

Brand Design

You deserve a brand that makes an impact. Let's build you a full-comprehensive brand for your business through beautiful and thoughtful design built on purposeful strategy.

My branding experience provides you with not only a beautiful identity that will serve a timeless purpose, it will also give you confidence and clarity around your unique business proposition, your niche, your business goals through a clear marketing strategy and beyond.

Creative Photography

Have an idea for a creative photoshoot, a branded session or simply need timeless headshots? My clients absolutely LOVE the collaborative and fun experience they have with me creating custom pictures.

Many people feel nervous being in front of a camera, never mind bringing out their boldest and most bad-ass selves for photos. You can trust me to create a safe and memorable experience to strategize on a shoot that you will look back on for years.

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