Hi! I’m Danielle. Born and raised in cold Northern Ontario, I started photographing when I was 10 years old, learning from my father Rob Provencher – also a local photographer. Check out my work!


“For long you live
And high you fly
And smiles you’ll give
And tears you’ll cry
And all you touch
And all you see
Is all your life
Will ever be”

Pink Floyd

About Me

Crafter of pictures and words. Roamer of the world and lover of unexpected connections. I crave moments that cannot be put in words. I find joy in dancing late at night and looking at the stars. I am also an artist, a writer and an adventurer.


Win a free photoshoot

Personal branding photoshoots are some of my favourite shoots. Why? I usually tailor them to the personality and style to the person in front of the camera. I love to have fun with them. That’s why I’m offering a free photoshoot with 10 files to suit your personal brand, whether you’re an artist or entrepreneur. …

Contact Me

Let’s connect on a project! Also, feel free to leave questions or comments. You can reach me at (705) 698 4889 or danielle@daniellep.com